Life has got the bes Life has got the best of me the past few weeks.

I am still looking for the book of life. Life needs to come with a "how to" book on being an Adult. Just when I think we got ahold on things we are faced with a new challenge in the family. I just keep repeating "we got this" when times get stressful. Thank goodness for my stable husband and little boys to keep things on the right track. 

It is hard when one day your life is going good and the next day it kicks you and wakes you up. Andrews dad was put in the hospital a few weeks ago so we have been figuring things out with that. Without getting into detail of anything we are trying to figure out care and other life events. The things you never want or have time to think about are now there to face and it is just hard. Do not think the is far from that we just now have to prepare long term and we do not know where to start. We are getting it though.

I have always known I have a strong husband but the past few weeks have proved it once again. I cannot stop going on and on about the way he handles these types of situations. I am the type to fall apart and he is level headed and really gets things done (even with a major toothache, but that is another story.) 

That pretty much sums up where my mind has been and where I have been. I started this blog to have an outlet so I really need to start using it that way. 

Time to get the boy from the bus. Until next time. 

I do not care how old you are, you always need a day with YOUR own mommy. Today my mommy had a hair appointment so I decided to leave the boys home and tag along with her. It was a much needed day out. We went to the mall and did a few errands and then to the local farmers market.

I love doing things like this with her, and having time away from my little ones. She probably thinks I am crazy because I am nonstop talking during these trips but the truth is, I try to get as much adult conversation in as I can. All week I am toddler and kid talking....when I am around an adult sometimes I do not know when to stop. I just keep talking and talking.

Came home, and of course the house was just like I left it. Sometimes I feel like men do not see mess or dishes that need done....or they are just too lazy to do them. I understand I am a stay at home mom and that is my "job" but seriously...I am not a maid and things can be done when the other adult in the house sees it. The thing is, when I talk to other moms...especially stay at home moms...they have the same complaint as I do....things go over looked when they shouldn't. Do not think I am complaining, because I really am not. My husband does a lot...and he is the provider of the family....but I am using my blog as an outlet and I will tell all. I want to open up to everyone so they feel like they can really connect with me.

Us stay at home moms need to stay together. Okay, back to the journal part of things. I came home and my monthly headache and cramps set it. Go figure. I have done nothing else except lay and have pity on myself, since Andrew was home I could do that.

As for is back to reality of cleaning and getting my house ready for the weekend. dun dun is going back to normal. :)

 I never claim to be a perfect mom, believe me, I am far from it. There are some lessons that I teach my kids that do make me think I am pretty awesome at my job from time to time. So, that brings me to my lesson of the day to my 7 year old the other evening. Lock picking.

Yes, you read that correctly. This mom took out the bobby pin from her wig and started showing #1 how to pick a lock. It all started when grandma gave him this old lock box. I told her from the start it was a bad idea because he was going to put stuff in it and lose the key....well....ya, that is what happened. This little boy put his life savings of about $20 in there, locks it, and loses the key. So of course mommy has to come to the rescue. I see him pounding on it and then #1 says "Mom I need to pick this lock". How could I resist!

First I pull out the bobby pin, and begin to show him how to stick it in without it breaking and how to feel for the little knob to push in or move into position for it to pop the box open. As I am explaining this to him I bust out I really showing my #1 7 year old how to do this? If his future involves breaking and entering it is going to be my fault...I am corrupting my child and setting him up for a future in criminal activity. Okay, maybe not that far, but that is what I felt like.

After I showed him how to do it and was unsuccessful in opening the damn box, #1 had to try. He played with it for a good half hour and gave up. No luck for #1 either, which I was happy about because now I know that his life in crime might not be what I made it out to be.

I can breath a sigh of relief and sleep a little more easily knowing that he cannot spend that $20, and I do not have to worry about him breaking into houses and spending a life in prison. (smile)

I am so excited to be back into the blog world. If you haven't noticed...and I really doubt anyone did....I was gone and I made a whole new blog. This blog has actually been done for about a week but I am too nervous to make the first blog post. I didn't know what to say and I didn't know how to start it.

Why the new blog? Well, let me answer that. I feel my old blog was too much. There were too many sections and it was completely unorganized. I didn't know what I was doing and when I did figure out what I was doing it was too late to organize and I thought it would be easier to just start over.

Anything in life change? Yes, I am in therapy for my anxiety (I am sure I will be writing all about it), I lost some friends, made some new friends, and have just been enjoying life with my 2 little boys. I am learning a lot about myself and I really missed having this outlet to document my crazy.

Will you be writing more? YES. I plan on keeping a daily journal of just life....on top of that keep a place to document all the crazy my kids say and all the crazy in my life. I have a lot of it and hope that everyone enjoys it.

Well, I am overwhelmed (it doesn't take much). I am keeping this post short and sweet...but I feel like I finally made my first post I can start blogging regularly and really let everyone in on....the Craddock Crazy!

Have fun....hope to meet new people....I need some sane in my life......okay..and more crazy!
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