Sunday, December 7, 2014

I finally have time to update! I feel horrible not keeping up with my blog. This is my outlet, yet I have no time to is crazy. Being a stay at home mom is no joke, and understand why moms work....being a stay at home mom is too much work! :)

Life has been so crazy around the Craddock's lately. Let me start by saying Andrew is officially out of training and his on his own as a bus driver for Port Authority. Everyone is so proud of him in the family. The only thing that sucks, he will not have his own runs until March. What does that mean? He has to call in everyday after 2 P.M. to see what he will be working the next day! Can you say stressful. So when he gets home, we still don't get to really spend time with him because he is studying is routes for the next day. Stressful, but come March he will have his own schedule and it will all calm down. Hey, we are not complaining, this career is going to do wonders for our family.

The kids are good. We have been hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa more because of Andrew's schedule. We go up to their house that way we get out of the house and something to do until I get a second car....which cannot come soon enough. I think once I have a car and can get out during the day will do us all good....then I can get back into my couponing.

Christmas is coming...YAY! Things are different this year. Andrew will probably be working both Christmas and Christmas Eve. His days off change on Dec 21st and will not know what days he has off until next week....then we will not know his hours for the holiday until the day before. We are just going with the flow and planning accordingly. My parents usually host Christmas Eve but are not doing that this year, that way it is open for us. I think that is much better anyway. It is going to be a low key Christmas. I think that is for the best anyway. Nothing like the kids spending time with just the grandparents.

Well this has been our life....stress and crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! What have you been up to?

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Before I had children I always thought the stories of parents were made up or exaggerated. I never thought some of the things parents talked about could happen. "A little person could not come up with something like that" would go through my head while trying to imagine how and why their parents would make up such a story. Then I had kids.

Two weeks ago I started finding little wet spots on our carpet. I would get a towel to soak it up before I would get out the carpet cleaner to clean the carpet. At first I was thinking Zayden was spilling his cup...a simple drink spilled on the floor. One day I used a white towel and realized what the spots were.....pee, urine, name it that is what it was. I smelled it right away to blame a cat, I thought since we added a new cat to the mix one was upset with the other and they were acting out. Well when I took a breath I could tell right away it was not a cat. (If you have a cat you know cat pee, this was not that.) It could only be one other animal...the dog. I didn't yell at the dog, I wanted to catch him first.

Last week I sat down on the couch and the seat was soaked. I got a towel to realize it was pee. The DOG pee'ed on my couch. That was it, I text Andrew and I was livid....this dog is ruining things, no animal pee's on my furniture and gets away with it. I scrubbed the couch and did everything I could....I was so angry. I was so angry but something in the back of my head still questioned why the dog would do something like just wasn't like him. There was no other animal in the house...the logical reason was the dog. Right?


I am sitting on the couch talking to Zayden, who was standing next to the couch. He did this little "jig type dance" and I laughed asking him what he was doing. He gave me that cute innocent smile and all of the sudden I heard him going to the bathroom.....he is a boy...sometimes you can hear it hitting the diaper....until something told me to look. This little monkey boy did a jig to get his penis to stick out of the side of his diaper....and pee on the floor! THE LITTLE PEE'ER IS NOT THE DOG............IT IS THE OTHER ANIMAL IN THE HOUSE........THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not make this up. For 2 weeks I have been cussing out the dog in my head (which I gave 2 treats to because I felt guilty for even thinking it was him) and it was the baby. He has it down, he can get his penis out of his diaper without even using his hands! From now free diapering it, he has to have pants on.

I never am brought to being speechless...until son, Zayden made me speechless.

Is this my real life?

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking for unique, cute, customized cards for the Holidays? You can have one of a kind, unique cards with the pictures of your choice!

I always like to have something different and unique to send out to family and friends for the holidays. Yes, you can easily upload your pictures to a website and hope no one else chooses the same style from the same site as you, or else you can order from the one and only Nikki Craddock and get something totally unique!

It is easy....

Message me with an idea, pictures, or color scheme you are looking for.

I will get back to you with a sample....if you like it...send me the total price that I have listed below through the safe and secure PayPal account and I will send you the final product for you to print and do what you desire with!

So simple...!

If you choose something from the list of examples (I will be posting throughout the season) you can have it for $10!

If you want something unique and I will work closely with you to get the desired card you want to send to your friends and family....$15

Here are some examples of my work....and I will be adding links to examples of what you can order within the next few days!

                                                   (more examples to come)

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

I admit (please don't hate me) I am not into Halloween. I never have, never will be...I just think it is a waste.....except for the free candy part. (lol) We buy costumes for $20 each that get worn and ripped...I just don't see the point...but okay, it's for my kids so I get into it for them. Ugh. The things we do for the little ones. Anyway, that is all Xavier has been talking about the past few days. He is really into it because his friends are into it at school.

Xavier, as Batman!
His school had a really nice little Fall party for the kids and their families Friday night. Xavier was totally excited because he got to wear his Batman costume, and he was excited Zayden got to go to his school too. (our little Sock Monkey) They had pumpkin painting, cooking decorating, games. It was really cute and all the kids were dancing. I spent the night chasing after Zayden all night. I was looking at pictures on the Facebook and all you see is me running in the background.
Zayden, worlds cutest Sock Monkey!

I try to find as many little parties for the kids to wear their
costumes to as I can. I want my monies worth out of them. Call me cheap, I don't care...I want them to wear the darn things to bed if they want! haha. The good thing is with Xavier, he will wear his until they are completely ripped up to play. I will have Batman protecting the house until Easter. Any other parents like this?

They are having a party in his class. I do not know if anyone remembers, last year I made the cutest white chocolate covered Twinkies that looked like mummies for X's class. They were adorable if I do say so myself....this year....I do not know what to do. There is a peanut allergy in his class...sooo I have to be careful anything that I send. I was thinking about Chocolate covered Oreos on a stick decorated really cute but I haven't looked at the packaging to see if those are Peanut/Soy free. I get frustrated because I am not used to this...okay, maybe not frustrated but more concerned, the last thing I would want to do is mess something up and a child get sick. Maybe just order something peanut/soy free? Ideas would help...please....leave comments! I like ideas!

Okay, time to get the boys upstairs. Even on the weekends I keep a schedule....I'm cool uncool like that!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

All this was not even $25! 
NEW OBSESSION ALERT! Well, lets start by saying since I am a stay at home mommy I find it my job to save the house as much money as I can. Andrew brings home the bacon...I make the bacon go as far is it can go...even if it is cutting it up into bacon bits! LOL. Well, during Andrews training he is not making his base price, he goes 10 weeks making a lot less because it is training. We knew this going in, we have money in savings all prepared...but that doesn't mean I am not looking for ways to make out money go as far as possible. My goal is to not touch our savings. Well, well, well...what is a wife to do......COUPON! 

I started joining groups about couponing on Facebook about a month ago. I just watched as everyone talked about their deals and how they were getting them and I started taking notes. I also started collecting as many inserts as I possibly could. I asked family to save them and I started finding creative ways to get them. I have been averaging getting 10-20 inserts a week. I have been cutting and organizing all of them. I then started to join in on the fun...and when I say fun, I get on coupon HIGHS! It is soo easy and you save soo much money. I already have a little stock pile going! 

I did two big hauls today, they are not actually "big" in the couponing world, but to me this was big. My first one was easy to get. I collected 10 soft soap hand soap coupons a few weeks ago. My local grocery store (that doubles coupons) had them on sale for $1.00 each. My coupon was for $.35 cents that doubled to $.70 off. BAM....$.30 cents for each hand soap. I got 10 of them for $3.00. How easy is that! I have 2 BOYS...hand soap is precious in the Craddock house....this was so fun to me. I mean $3.00 for 10 of them! BINGO!!! 

Even Zayden is excited I got all this for $13! 

Target has a good deal going on on Herbal Essence shampoo and cream rinse if you have at least 4 of
the buy one get one coupons that were in an insert a few weeks ago. You use the Target coupon that is in their sale ad this week for $5 off an order of $20 or more. You buy 8 Herbal Essence shampoo/cream rinse products and use the 4 BOGO all comes up to a total of $5.30 cents! Some Targets people are getting them all for free, but if the coupon is entered correctly it should be $5.30...or around there depending on your sales tax! How easy is that! I now have 16 HE's that will last us probably til the end of the year if not longer!

I am by no means a pro at this, I am depending on break downs from others and some good apps that price match and figure things out that I miss....but I am learning. I am saving us soo much money already and I just started. If you have any questions feel free to ask...I will help if I can, if I can save money doing this....ANYONE can. It is easy with just a few hours a week dedicated to it! I will keep you posted...and maybe start a section of deals for my area....once I get better!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

I have been missing from blogging for a few weeks, but I promise I have a good reason. After being off of work since May, Andrew goes back to work Sept 22nd. We have been getting the house in order and the kids on a schedule, especially with Xavier being in school.

I am being honest, I am really getting nervous to getting back in the groove of "stay at home mom" with no help at all. I got used to Andrew being home and us working together all summer with the boys. Do not get me wrong, I love being a full time mommy, but once you get used to that help and then knowing it is going to be taken away, it can be scary.

For instance, Xavier started 1st grade 3 weeks ago. Andrew and I have been taking turns getting up in the morning and getting him off to school. This way Zayden got to stay in bed longer and sleep in the morning. Well, next Monday it is going to just be me in the morning so I have to get back into a groove of getting both boys up and ready to head to the bus stop. I am not complaining, I actually love doing this, all last year getting X off to the bus and us coming back and cuddling on the couch with coffee and milk watching the Today Show was my favorite time of the day because it was so quiet, so I am hoping to get that little time back with Zayden.

Another reason why I am nervous is because Andrew doesn't know what his schedule is going to be like while training. Honestly, he only knows what time he needs to be there Monday, he doesn't even know what time he is going to be off. The unknown to me is what has me going crazy. I am such a planner, so not knowing when he is going to be home and everything makes me insane. Xavier is getting much more homework and responsibility being in 1st grade, so when he gets home we have dinner, homework, baths, and chores to do before we go to bed. I try to have everything done and them up in bed by 8pm. I do not know how this is going to go when it is just mommy here in the evenings. I am really nervous I am not going to be able to do this. HAHA. Seriously, can I do this? Of course I can, it is going to take some getting used to.

The next few weeks I cannot promise how I am going to be blogging. I would love to be able to log on every night and have a chance to vent and document all the changes going on in the house, but I do not know if I am going to be able to do that. Sooo...wish me luck. I am going to need it. The next few months are going to be a big change.....but I just keep looking at the outcome.....and it is all worth it. We can do this! :)

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I am so excited to finally be able to make a post about Andrews new career move! If anyone didn't know, Andrew got laid off from his job of over 9 years due to corporate outsourcing. He got the summer off but couldn't really enjoy it as much as he would of liked because the future was always on his mind. He was applying to different positions at different companies that he normally wouldn't have the chance to try...! After many interviews, tests, and everything else that went with it....He got the position of our dreams, he will be driving for Port Authority Transit....the big city buses in Pittsburgh. We couldn't of dreamed of anything better. We are so excited, he starts his training September 22nd and will be on his own at the end of November.

This job has so many perks and has opened so many doors for us. Andrew officially made me withdraw from school (didn't take too much convincing) and just to concentrate on our kids and family....I will not even have to think about getting a job, he wants me to just be the best mommy that I can be and to continue doing my dream job of being a stay at home mom! I hear more baby cries in our future.....hehe. We are also starting to take buying a house more seriously. We have started to make a "must have" list and a list that we can give or take on....even though buying a house will have to be another year or year and half we really want to keep a look out on areas and prices/size and things like that. Buying a house is going to be a long hard process for us because Andrew and I are very picky and know what we want, we don't want to settle for anything we don't deserve.

I am just so excited, the hours and stuff are going to be a big change for us, he will probably get the crappy hours and have to work weekends and holidays, but we look at it as more money in our pockets, we can always celebrate holidays later or on different days...right? It is all about family anyway!

Sorry, I just had to share my joy with the world, this is a huge change for our family and I just want to shout it from the top of the world!
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