Sunday, December 1, 2013

Facebook is an interesting place with many interesting people...but what gets me is when a celebrity dies. When a celebrity dies you get many types of "facebookers" that come up with different things to write about it, but there are always the over sensitive people that have to try to look like the saints from the situation. They take every post that everyone writes personal, and if you make a joke, or write something they don't agree with you are "heartless" and rude".

With the recent tragedies over the past 24 hours I have been reading post after post of how sad everyone is over a tragic loss of a popular actor. If you read down my time line you would think these people knew this person personally, had drinks with them every weekend, and texted them daily. They go on and on about how much of a great guy he was, great father...when in reality they have no idea what he was like in his personal lives.

Then I read down more and there are the people that post jokes about the death, even if they aren't jokes they are little sly comments that bring light to the situation. I feel bad for anyone that does this because the people that are in a state of mourning  take it personal and start lashing out about how rude the jokers are, how "heartless"? Really, is it that serious? There are people that complain that these jokers do not take death seriously....really?

People forget that social media is not for the serious. If you want serious please go to a news page, or to a place where it is just serious conversation. First off, there is no need to get that worked up over someone that you do not know, if your life is that boring to where you have time to reply to people over and over again about a celebrity death, I think you need to get a hobby. There is no need for the posting and re-posting of pictures of that person, RIP'ing that person, we know he/she died. Get over it.

Am I a bitch? Maybe...but grow up people, get a life, you didn't even know that person....we don't care. And we are not heartless because we make light of a situation, some people mourn differently (in no way would i ever mourn someone I do not know) but some people handle death a lot differently. So take a look in the mirror if you are calling people "heartless" and "rude" just because we are not sitting there crying over pictures over the death of someone we never met.
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  1. Mist people see celebrities as their source of entertainment. We grow attached, want to see their movies, TV shows, and when one dies, we feel like we've lost a friend since you seen and watched them grow on screen and become incredible actors. I dont think it has anything to do with not having a life I or needing a hobby, its just life. Everyone dies and everyone grieves differently.


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