8/5/2015: A day with MY mommy.


I do not care how old you are, you always need a day with YOUR own mommy. Today my mommy had a hair appointment so I decided to leave the boys home and tag along with her. It was a much needed day out. We went to the mall and did a few errands and then to the local farmers market.

I love doing things like this with her, and having time away from my little ones. She probably thinks I am crazy because I am nonstop talking during these trips but the truth is, I try to get as much adult conversation in as I can. All week I am toddler and kid talking....when I am around an adult sometimes I do not know when to stop. I just keep talking and talking.

Came home, and of course the house was just like I left it. Sometimes I feel like men do not see mess or dishes that need done....or they are just too lazy to do them. I understand I am a stay at home mom and that is my "job" but seriously...I am not a maid and things can be done when the other adult in the house sees it. The thing is, when I talk to other moms...especially stay at home moms...they have the same complaint as I do....things go over looked when they shouldn't. Do not think I am complaining, because I really am not. My husband does a lot...and he is the provider of the family....but I am using my blog as an outlet and I will tell all. I want to open up to everyone so they feel like they can really connect with me.

Us stay at home moms need to stay together. Okay, back to the journal part of things. I came home and my monthly headache and cramps set it. Go figure. I have done nothing else except lay and have pity on myself, since Andrew was home I could do that.

As for tomorrow...it is back to reality of cleaning and getting my house ready for the weekend. dun dun dun......life is going back to normal. :)

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