Adulting for Dummies

Life has got the bes Life has got the best of me the past few weeks.

I am still looking for the book of life. Life needs to come with a "how to" book on being an Adult. Just when I think we got ahold on things we are faced with a new challenge in the family. I just keep repeating "we got this" when times get stressful. Thank goodness for my stable husband and little boys to keep things on the right track. 

It is hard when one day your life is going good and the next day it kicks you and wakes you up. Andrews dad was put in the hospital a few weeks ago so we have been figuring things out with that. Without getting into detail of anything we are trying to figure out care and other life events. The things you never want or have time to think about are now there to face and it is just hard. Do not think the is far from that we just now have to prepare long term and we do not know where to start. We are getting it though.

I have always known I have a strong husband but the past few weeks have proved it once again. I cannot stop going on and on about the way he handles these types of situations. I am the type to fall apart and he is level headed and really gets things done (even with a major toothache, but that is another story.) 

That pretty much sums up where my mind has been and where I have been. I started this blog to have an outlet so I really need to start using it that way. 

Time to get the boy from the bus. Until next time. 

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