Lesson 101: Picking Locks


 I never claim to be a perfect mom, believe me, I am far from it. There are some lessons that I teach my kids that do make me think I am pretty awesome at my job from time to time. So, that brings me to my lesson of the day to my 7 year old the other evening. Lock picking.

Yes, you read that correctly. This mom took out the bobby pin from her wig and started showing #1 how to pick a lock. It all started when grandma gave him this old lock box. I told her from the start it was a bad idea because he was going to put stuff in it and lose the key....well....ya, that is what happened. This little boy put his life savings of about $20 in there, locks it, and loses the key. So of course mommy has to come to the rescue. I see him pounding on it and then #1 says "Mom I need to pick this lock". How could I resist!

First I pull out the bobby pin, and begin to show him how to stick it in without it breaking and how to feel for the little knob to push in or move into position for it to pop the box open. As I am explaining this to him I bust out laughing....am I really showing my #1 7 year old how to do this? If his future involves breaking and entering it is going to be my fault...I am corrupting my child and setting him up for a future in criminal activity. Okay, maybe not that far, but that is what I felt like.

After I showed him how to do it and was unsuccessful in opening the damn box, #1 had to try. He played with it for a good half hour and gave up. No luck for #1 either, which I was happy about because now I know that his life in crime might not be what I made it out to be.

I can breath a sigh of relief and sleep a little more easily knowing that he cannot spend that $20, and I do not have to worry about him breaking into houses and spending a life in prison. (smile)

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