I have a second grader??

I have a second grader?!? I remember laying in bed completely naked (yes I know this is too much info) with my 289lb self pressed up against Andrews back. Feeling this baby rumbling inside me all night long. He was my first pregnancy, so every movement was this miracle to us. I know the exact day I conceived him, the exact day I found out he was growing inside me, and the exact day I knew his name was Bryson Xavier.

I thought that the first day of kindergarten was going to be the worst day of my life. In a sense it was, but I didn't know that each year would be just as hard. 

Every year gets harder and harder because I look at my son, Xavier, turning into a little man. He looks up to his daddy so much....he tells him everyday how much he wants to be like him, how much he looks up to him. I smile every time I see those 2 hug....my heart melts. 

This blog might not even make sense, but in my eyes it does. GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR LITTLE MAN, MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU SO MUCH.........and your little brother too....just look at that picture. You are the best. Gosh you will always be mommies little baby! :) 

I love you Xavier. 

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