Do you have Powerball Fever?


Everyone has Powerball Fever, I mean 1.5 BILLION dollars just, omg sounds amazing. Not just amazing, like AMAZING! What would you do with the money? Here is a list of what this chick would do.

  • By land and build let a few very close relatives and friends build their dream (modest) homes on it.
  • Have those people pick a vacation spot and send them for a 2 week stay there. (I do not vacation with anyone but my little family....Andrew and the boys)
  • Pick out 2 nice cars......and one would be a family van. 
  • Open a cat sanctuary and work on cutting down the feral cat population throughout the United States.
  • INVEST WISELY and just live stress free with my closest family and friends. 
Do you have any dreams? What are they? What would you do? Post....we still have 2 and a half hours to dream and plan! 

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