Baby Sprinkle is Perfect.


Anxiety is not a joke with me, it seriously is controlling my whole life. I had to get my medicine knocked down to one of the lowest doses since I am pregnant and what I am on is a Class C drug. My OBGYN feels comfortable with me staying on this medicine throughout my whole pregnancy at this level instead of putting me on the Class B drug and a higher dose. Her reasoning is because I have never been on the other drug we do not know if it will even help me, so since we know this one is helping, she feels comfortable with me on it. Being on anything with a baby growing inside is a risk in itself, but it is one that I have to take because there is no way I can go off my meds with the amount of anxiety I have.

My anxiety has been getting the best of me because being pregnant with my 2 boys I have always been sick. I am 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow and usually by this time I have been in the ER twice for fluids, that is how sick I get. This time around, I get barely nauseous. I have my moments of "please get that away from me, I cannot smell that right now" and "I just can't move because I am going to vomit." Other then that I am fine and pretty much can eat whatever I am hungry for. That being said, my head convinced myself that the baby stopped growing and I was carrying around a little baby with no heart beat. I know that might sound crazy to some, but when a person has severe anxiety the thoughts can take over their lives. I couldn't eat, sleep, and honestly it was getting to the point breathing even hurt. What did I do? I bought an elective sonogram...and it was the best money that I ever spent.

I went by myself last night, only because I didn't want to bring the kids and something be wrong, that would be too much for them. Well.... "baby sprinkle" is perfect! This baby is in there, the size of an olive playing with their toes and everything! It was such a wonderful experience and I am so happy that I know the baby is okay. I feel this relief over me. I came home and made up for not eating the past few days. (lol) It feels so good knowing I have a healthy little baby growing inside me. I even know the date that we are finding out the sex.....but that is for us to know and no one else.....since we have plans on how we are telling each set of grandparents.

This is the funnest pregnancy ever! Andrew and I are having so much fun with it, and just enjoying every little moment! <3

Here are some pictures!

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