Elephant in the back!


Xavier and I were watching TV the other night....a commercial came on about adopting an Elephant to help save their trunks....and this conversation happened:

Xavier: "Mom....why would anyone want to adopt an Elephant?"

Me: "So that they do not become extinct and they will still be alive for when you have kids, so they can enjoy them."

Xavier: "But mom, they are so big...where do people put them?"

Me: *Blank Stare*

Xavier: "What, mom, what?"

Me: "Oh, you are being serious?"

Xavier: "They are huge, wouldn't that take up the whole back yard?"

Me: "Xavier, you really do not get the elephant.....you just adopt it sorta speak and send money to help them."

Xavier: "Oh, well that makes more sense, why don't they say that?"

........he is totally is my child......

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