First Doctors Appointment! 8 Weeks.


We had our first official doctors appointment yesterday. I was convinced I was going to walk in there and not leave until I saw the baby again, or hear a heart beat....I was going to put my foot down because of my anxiety. Well....that didn't happen, because I found a doctor that put me at such ease I actually trust HER. (I never like female OB's)

She answered all my questions with answers that went above and beyond. By the time I got to the exam she had insured me that our little baby is just fine inside me, since there are no signs otherwise. She said if baby is not okay, we will know....otherwise....just relax and enjoy.

I knew she was correct because when I was pregnant with Xavier (before I ever had a miscarriage) I did not see or worry about him until 12 weeks. That is when we first had a sonogram and screening, so I didn't know if he had a heart beat or anything until then....which is normal. The miscarriage is what really messes with women, because we are so scared it is going to happen again. So I am taking her relaxing and just enjoying. I mean, why should I stress and not enjoy this time...especially when I really think this is going to be be our last baby.

On another note, I came home and my sickness started to pick up. I am not complaining, it actually insures me everything is going okay. I promised myself that if we had a third baby I would enjoy every last second of it, even if I was throwing up sick like I was with my two boys. So far this pregnancy is completely I cannot complain....and won't.

Next appointment.... March 1st. <3

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