Meet Todd the Toddler


Xavier has decided he does not have one little brother, he has two.
The first one is named Zayden. Zayden is the fun loving little man that will laugh, play, and get along with everyone. Zayden will sit and watch TV, snack, and just be the best little brother in the world. Zayden will also play video games with Xavier and keep him company in his room without any complaints. Zayden is my loving, cuddling, peaceful child, until it happens....until the other side shows....dun dun dun....!!!

TODD the TODDler is the opposite of cute little Zayden. Todd is the name Xavier came up with when the little bother brother turns evil. When I say evil, I am not exaggerating. Todd shows up a few times a week and we never know when he will appear. Todd calls us all names such as "stupid" and "dummy" just to name a few. Todd has the attitude and will power of a hormonal teenager that doesn't know how to express themselves correctly. Todd is just a pure asshole. (Yes, I did just call my child an asshole...and I mean it)

Do not get me wrong, I love my child...I love both of them equally, but Todd is a pure asshole. Do not get me wrong, Xavier can be the same way....but not nearly as bad as Todd. Todd is just Todd.

Todd is such an interesting character, I am starting his own section on my blog. "Adventures with Todd". I already have so many stories, and I am sure Todd will not never know, Adventures with Todd might even turn over to his own Twitter and Instagram within weeks to come.

Stay tuned and let these adventures begin.....!!!!!!!

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