Obsessed: Barista Cafe Flavored Latte Foam

If anyone knows me they know how obsessed with coffee I am. I have to drink about a pot every morning...yes a whole pot! I am always looking for new and exciting new ways to drink coffee. I cannot have a lot of sugar so that limits me. I always have to try the latest and newest coffee creamer flavors. On any day I usually have 3-4 in my fridge. My mom got me started on putting whipped cream on the top, which was great until I found the best coffee product out right now... Barista Cafe Flavored Latte Foam!

What is it? It is a sugar free (yes sugar free) foam that comes in a few different flavors to pump on top of your cup of java! The flavors I have seen are Mocha, Caramel, and Vanilla....I am not sure if there are anymore. I found this in the coffee aisle at Wal~Mart. Another good thing about this wonderful product....you do not have to store it in the fridge, you can leave it out right next to the coffee pot.
Why am I obsessed? This adds just enough extra flavor to make your coffee pop. It is so yummy and just adds that extra flavor. I have been using 3-4 squirts on every cup of coffee for over a week and I still have more then half left in the bottle, I pretty much didn't even touch the amount they give you, which makes me happy because I thought I would go through this like crazy with the amount of coffee I drink.
My kids love this too....I added this to their hot coca as a treat and they kept asking for more. Since it is sugar free and pretty much everything free I let them have extra, and little did they know their "treat" isn't that big of deal!
I suggest this for any hot drink....! I haven't tried it on cold coffee yet, but I know I will be adding it to that too!
This is my new food obsession....I am telling you, go out, buy one, and then come back to me telling me "thank you" because I promise that you will never drink your coffee without it again! I know I won't!

*This is not a paid ad, I get nothing for this! Just products that I love that I think are worth sharing to others! 

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