Are you pregnant?


Those are the words that I hate the most. Why is it when you tell people "Oh, I am sorry I don't drink anymore" it opens up a women's uterus to the dreaded question "Why? Are you pregnant"?

I stopped drinking over 80 days ago. It was by complete choice. I was in psych and I was in group and someone stated that they were taking the time they were in there to clear their body from everything toxic. They stated "toxic" to them was people, alcohol, and bad foods....the list can go on. I loved that. It was an eye opener. When I was in psych it was a week of a self cleanse. It was one week of nothing toxic able to get to me. It was freeing. I thought to myself "wow, this is a new me". It felt so good. After that week, once I got home I told Andrew my choice, and he thought it was a good choice and decided to do it with me.

Since I have stopped the toxic, my head has been so clear. I am sure that it is my medicine that I am on, but I can tell it is not just the meds. My whole body feels is amazing.

Now, back to the dreaded question. Why do people think they have the right to ask such a personal question to women? Why is it a question that is so easy to flow from someones mouth? How do you know that women isn't struggling with pregnancy? How do you know if that is not a sensitive subject? You don't. It shouldn't be that easy to just ask someone.

Just because someone doesn't drink anymore doesn't mean they were an alcoholic, are pregnant, or the DD. Maybe they just made a healthy choice in their lives and want to rid it with the rest of the toxic.

Just something to think about.

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